Quick Portable Lunches for Work and School

Sandwiches and wraps

These can be prepared all sorts of ways so they make great lunch staples. Keep it simple with peanut butter. Get fancier with almond butter – there are so many kinds of nut butter now. If you need to go nut free, try sunflower seed butter or hemp seed butter. Berries or fresh fruit slices make it special.


Hummus is my big lunchtime staple. It’s good as a sandwich filling as well as a dip for veggies. As well as dipping, you can also use veggies like bell peppers as bread or cracker alternatives by spreading them with hummus. I used to eat this at home for lunch and it was also a favorite treat for two of my cats.

Mashed or sliced avocado or Baba Ganoush (eggplant dip, look for it near the hummus) are also really easy sandwich fillings.

A grilled portabella mushroom makes a great burger alternative.


Missing your old favorites but want to be animal-friendly? There are great-tasting and convenient cold cuts and cheeses – all plant-based.


Instead of using a plastic bag every day try these great reusable Wrap-n-Mats. The keep your sandwich as fresh as a plastic bag, but also unfold into a mat you can eat off.




Simplest option – get a bag of pre-made salad from the grocery store and bring the dressing separately to avoid the greens wilting.

Tabouli Salad is one of my favorites. Light and tasty with lots of parsley which is very healthy and makes a nice change from lettuce.


Pasta Salad and Potato Salad are heartier options.


Although we are used to having potato salad with mayonnaise in North America, it originated in Germany traditionally using vinegar or olive oil and herbs. For the mayonnaise versions, Vegenaise (pronounced vej-i-nayz) is widely available.


Bean salad is a great way to eat one of those three servings of beans per day.


For more ideas, check out 15 Vegan Work Lunches That Take 15 Minutes or Less!



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